The Shield of Cuba

The upper third of the shield (where the key is located) represents the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, as shown by the two land masses with the sunrise above the sea. Cuba is represented by the key -- the link commanding the entrance to the Gulf. The white stripes on the blue background (from the Cuban flag) located on the left of the shield represent the "purity and spirit" of the Cuban Republic. The right side, where the Royal Palm (the national tree of Cuba) is located represents the "land" (Cuban people).

The shield is surrounded by bows of olive (on the left) and oak (on the right), both bearing fruit and symbolizing "peace and strength." The entire shield is situated in front of "the Rod of Justice," which, in turn, is capped by the "Cap of Liberty," decorated with a lone star.

Information provided by Paul Rosete Lecuona, who says he remembers this information "...from the 5th grade 'Morales y Civica' and 'Historia de Cuba' courses I had before I left the island."