Adath Israel - Cuba

Ing. Alberto Zilberstein Toruncha

Alberto Fernández Barrocas
1st Vice-President 

Lic. Salomón Susi Sarfati
2nd Vice-President

Ing. Juan Luis Rousso Altuna

Dr. Jose Zilberstein Toruncha

Yacob Berezniak Hernandez

Tec. Roberto Behar Mechulam
Vice– Treasurer

Raul Vasquez Babani

Jacobo Mizrahi Chipruth
Vice - Secretary


Dr. Pablo Corrales Susi

Daniel Asquenazí Maya

Jacobo Lipinsky Kosansky

Present Time - Activities

Adath Israel has remained intact through the years, its doors have never closed, carrying out the religious services of Shajarit, Minja and Arvit daily, maintaining alive the traditions of our Fathers. 

This synagogue that was Asquenazí in a principle picks up equally among its members to Sefaradí and Asquenazí, having guaranteed a miniam almost daily. It has 120 families that are around 300 members and they participate 80 families actively. This congregation has been characterized to follow an orthodox line, counting strictly for miniam to the Jewish men and dividing for a mejitza the men of the women. Besides a strict observance of the KASHRUT in our kitchen. 

Every day after the prayers of Shajarit the synagogue offers a breakfast and in Minja a snack, which is distributed gratuitously to our members that participate in the prayers. It is had a bus to bring on Mondays and Thursdays the people that live far from the synagogue, most of the Jews live far from the synagogue. Our sidurim is of the Editorial Kehot South American Lubavitch and in fact in each festivity we receive emissaries of Chabad Freinds of Cuban Jewry, bringing us a lot of happiness and spiritual elevation to our players. 

The shabath is the most important day in the week for each Jewish one and of course in Adath Israel marks a difference, on Thursday we already bake the jalots that will be exquisite, in Friday we make the Kidush in honor to the shabath, we always try to distinguish this day with fish or chicken, these last ones are bought alive and they are sacrificed by our Shojet according to the halaja. 

The Kabalat Shabath counts with around 80 people, the song of Shalom Aleijem and the discussion of the parashot of the week never lack, as well as the sacred candles that distinguish the day of the rest, the rest of the shabath possesses the same distinction, making Seuda shelishit and later Havdala. We count in a day with more than 150 people. 

Our synagogue at the moment has 9 sefer Torah and a mikve that we make the Kasher the different kitchen utensils that we have and in the conversions they were used to make the ritual bathrooms. It is the only synagogue that possesses a mikve in Cuba. 

We have a publication known as Jaim that has been carried out by people belonging to the board of our synagogue.