Recommended Reading


Days of Awe
a book by
Achy Obejas



Tropical Diaspora

a book by
Robert Levine

Robert Levine's "Tropical Diaspora"

Cuba: A Jewish Journey
by Errol Daniels
A photographic journey

Other recommended reading - online

The Virtual Jewish History Tour: Cuba
Rebecca Weiner

A Jewish Renaissance in Castro's Cuba.
Dana Evan Kaplan

Sephardic Jews in Cuba. (From all their Habitations).
Margalit Bejarano

Paper Reviews Hometown Author's Study of Miami's Cuban Jewish Community
Ron Beasley of the pinecrest Tribune describes how Caroline Bettinger-López's study culminated into her book, Cuban-Jewish Journeys

Exiled Twice--Authors Reveal Cuban Jew's Dual Sense of Alienation
Fabiola Santiago reviews Cuban-Jewish Journeys by Caroline Bettinger-López and The Last Minyan in Havana by Betty Heisler-Samuels.

First-Time Author Bettinger-López Explores Cuban-Jewish Life in Miami
by Rabecca Cross. Research of Miami's Cuban Jewish community for recent book leads to entering Columbia Law School.

Three Movies Produced by Bonnie Burt
The Believers; Abraham and Eugenia; Trip to Jewish Cuba.

Trading with the Enemy: A Yankee Travels Through Castro''s Cuba by Tom Miller.
The author describes his encounters with Cuba's Jewish community.

Havana Nagila: The Jews in Cuba
A video documentary by Laura Paull and Evan Garelle "that traces the history and presence of the Jewish Community in Cuba."

Film Reviews by Ruth Behar
A perceptive analysis of The Believers; Abraham and Eugenia; and Havana Nagila.

Review by Michael Fox
Fox analyzes Havana Nagila from another perspective.

A Review of Abraham and Eugenia: Stories from Jewish Cuba
Paul Kaplan reviews the Bonnie Burt Film

A Review of The Believers: Stories from Jewish Havana"
Larry Kanter reviews the Bonnie Burt Film

The Cuban National Anthem
Words and music.

Hava Nagila
Listen to everyone's favorite song!

Exiled Twice--Authors Reveal Cuban Jew's Dual Sense of Alienation by Fabiola Santiago.
American-Cuban Jews become a vibrant community within Miami's Jewish community.

The Aftermath of the Elian Gonzales Affair: A Jewish Perspective by Dana Evan Kaplan.
Although 90% of the Jewish community fled Cuba during the early years of the revolution, the remaining community never faced repression as a result of their Judaism.

My Friend Luis by Arturo López Levy
Homage is paid to a pillar of the Havana Jewish Community.

Tropical Remnants: The Architectural Legacy of Cuba's Jews by Paul Margolis.
A brief description of the Cuban Jewish communities.

She Lay Dead in the Crushed Guinea Grass
Story by Larry Daley, a Cuban-Jewish writer. Good historical perspective.